With a large number of specialty and double head machines, we have the constant ability to accommodate a large production and deliver on time.

We offer services that help you create a large variety of projects including patches, applique, direct to fabric embroideries, machine sequin embroidery, machine beading, tufting, chenille, chain stitch embroideries, quilting, running yardage, embroidery angles, hats, and shoes. Our digitizing is of fantastic quality and we have the technicians to ensure we can execute the toughest of requests. Thanks to one of our many strategic partners we can also help you develop your own custom chemical lace. (Schiffli lace)



These incredibly special machines are designed to make incredible projects come to life.

A hand guided multi directional “steering wheel” under the table of the machine guides the needle in any direction, creating a row of chain stitches with a hooked needle. The other hand moves the fabric under the needle in any direction you push it. These machines are European at their core but play a big part in the creation of Americana, having given birth to Western chain stitch embroideries, the Chenille varsity letter and intricate military style cording.

We have over 10 machines, some with an elevated bobbin in a post allowing us to get into tight corners of most finished garments.



Hot fix is a method of utilizing robotic crystal printers that are able place stones with exact precision. 

If your design is very large or requires many sizes or colors we can hand place your motifs and then permanently heat fuse them to your fabrication. 

We can source crystals from popular vendors such as Swarovski or Preciosa. We can also utilize pearls, nail heads, and novelty hot fix elements. You are welcome to come and explore our vast material library.



Please contact us for any and all of your Hand Embroidery & Embellishment needs!


Please contact us for any and all of your Hand-Guided Machine Embroidery needs!


We offer punch-on services for a large range on materials in various sizes.

All of our punch-on offerings are carefully and expertly executed to make sure we deliver only the highest quality finishing.

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