Made-to-Order Policy


Please kindly note that BellaNiecele offers garments to be made-to-order on a majority of products within the BellaNiecele Collection. 

The whole purpose of our made-to-order selection is less waste & more options for you. We also present you with the opportunity to provide your measurements at time of purchase. This will allow us to make your garment based on your very own measurements to ensure a more superior fit.

All made-to-order items will be usually dispatched within 10 to 15 business days from order placement (or otherwise as per the time-frame stated on the product page for items which may take longer to produce).

The time-frames stated is the actual production of the garment only. This time-frame does not include our processing or shipping times, so please allow extra time for these extra factors if you require your garment for an upcoming occasion.

Once production is finalised, then we commence preparing your order for shipment to you.

What is a Made-to-Order Item?

Majority of the BellaNiecele Collection garments purchased are made-to-order.

No BellaNiecele collection garments are held in stock. A BellaNiecele Collection garment is considered a made-to-order garment regardless of whether your purchase consisted of a standard size (without you providing measurements or other customisations); OR if your purchase consisted of your measurements or other customisations being provided.

Prices are indicative as per the product page. However, in the event you are outside of our listed standard size range when providing your measurements for a made-to-order item, you may incur additional production fees. You will be contacted if production fees are to affect the order/ production of your garment.

Is there a chance that you may hold a made-to-order garment in stock?

Made-to-order means that the garments are not in stock and only commence production once you have placed an order. However, in some circumstances, some standard sizes may be held in stock due to returns and restocks on best selling pieces. If you are on a time constraint, feel free to contact our customer care agent to confirm available products in stock.


What can I customize for my garment? 

Made-To-Order products can be altered based on your following measurements only: 

1. BUST: Place the tape around your body at the fullest part of your bust, keeping the tape level.

2. WAIST: The smallest part of your torso, located above your hips. Measure around the narrowest point, generally a few centimetres above your belly button.

3. HIPS: Keeping the tape level, measure around your body from the fullest part of your bottom.

4. COLOR: Made-to-order garments can be customized at special request, to alternative colors to what is available online. Please email us for more information.

5. Fabric: Made-to-order garments can be customized at special request, to alternative fabrics to what is available online. Please email us for more information.

Please refer to our Standard Size Guide  for further information on how to obtain the above measurements & to check our universal size measurements. 

What if I do not want to customize my garment and want to order a standard size?

If you do not wish to provide your measurements or request any additional customisations, then you may select & purchase your standard size instead. Example: P/ S/ M/ L/ XL/ XXL etc.

Remember, even if you purchase a standard size without providing any measurements or customisations, it is still treated as a made-to-order garment & requires a tailoring time to be produced. 

Can I make further adjustments, other than my measurements?

Made-To-Order products can be further altered in the following ways (Please contact us for pre-approval before placing order):

- Add/Remove a slit 

- Hem Shortening  

- Taking in/Out

Can I custom make a garment from scratch?

We accept custom orders. You must send us the style you like for our confirmation/approval (Please provide full details of the design requested). Please be in touch via the website’s contact form.

Custom designs which are created/made from scratch especially for you and any custom orders are excluded from promotional discount-code use. Our system will typically not accept coupon codes to be used for items of this nature, however in the event a discount is applied against your order, it will be refused & brought to your attention.

What can not be customised? 

1. Items that do not have the 'CUSTOM' option next to the size. 

2. Accessories

3. Sale items 

4. Shoes

Made-to-Order Cancellation Policy:

Please ensure to read this made-to-order policy & the product page (of the garment you are intending on purchasing) carefully before committing to your purchase and placing an order. 


Once an order has been placed & production commenced, all orders cannot be cancelled or refunded under any circumstance, including: unexpected delays, change of mind, sizing changes or sudden cancellations.

Important Disclosure 1 - Custom Measurements: If you provide your measurements and/or customisations when placing your order, this dress will be made specifically for your body shape & will be a one-off piece. Due to this, in addition with the above cancellation policy, your one-off produced piece cannot be returned under any reasoning, as we are unable to re-sell any custom-made products.  

Important Disclosure 2 - Color & Fabric: As the garment is being made from scratch at different points in time, Made-to-order garments may differ in color to the original cut as displayed on the website. This is due to fabric sourcing where an entirely new batch of fabric has been used. Even though the color of the fabric sourced is as close as possible to the original color shown, we will not be held liable for any minor variations in colour. 

Important Disclosure 3 - Slight Adjustments: Construction of made-to-order garments can change without formal notice. Slight adjustments may include but not limited to stitching, design internals ie. padding/boning/lining, straps & zippers. 

Can I Return a Made-to-Order Garment?

Yes, if for some reason your made-to-order purchase (excluding custom orders) did not fit as expected or simply did not suit you; you may return it for an exchange only. Refer to our Returns Policy.

However, before returning a made-to-order garment, we recommend seeking post-purchase alterations (if required) rather than returning it and having it re-produced from scratch, as return shipping fees can add up to be costly. 

Benefits of altering the garment on your end:

  1. Saving the environment by reducing our emissions footprint.

  2. Having the garment fit to your specific body measurements.

  3. Save on return shipping fees which can quickly add up. 

  4. Save time on reproduction waiting times and return-shipping times.


Additional Useful Information:

*Only the styles displayed on the website can be custom-made as per your measurements & additions/removals/change of colour (if available) only. We cannot alter the design or style of the design displayed for these advertised designs.

**We recommend you place your 'Made-To-Order’ garment order 3-4 weeks in advance (depending on the dress requested) before the date of your event as unforeseen delays may occur & to allow for any unexpected/additional alterations on your end.

***During prom/formal season, orders may experience surge delays. Please refer to the point above.

****In addition to this policy, you may be required to acknowledge & accept a contract outlining further detailed information regarding production of your customized made-to-order garment.

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