PRINTING & Screen Printing


Sublimation printing is a computer printing process used to print on polyester and other synthetic fabrics. It is extremely effective for printing larger yardages and custom placement prints. Our large format inkjet printers using specially formulated inks can create printed fabrics without the excess dye and water waste as the inks are only printed out as the pattern itself.

We encourage you to get creative with your print ideas and ask us about the endless possibilities.



 UV printing is especially useful for printing on hard materials such as leather, plastic, acrylic, glass, etc. Traditional digital printing can only be used on soft materials such as paper and fabric. The UV printing method has revolutionized the printing industry.

In UV printing, mercury/quartz or LED lights are used for curing instead of heat and they dry up the inks immediately, so no toxic fumes are released into the environment.

The quality of UV printing easily surpasses that of regular printing on hard materials due to its high gloss finish, improved scratch, solvent and hardness resistance, better elasticity and improved strength.

- Leather
- Acrylic
- Glass
- Plastic


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Embossing or debossing is a method used to imprint a particular shape, style, or pattern on a given material.

This process works best on leather and similar materials. We can create a custom mold and emboss or deboss your logos or motifs into the materials.



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