Layaway Policy

How it works:

  • There’s no opening fee
  • Down payment is 50% - 100%
  • Up to 6months 

The rules:

  • Minimums - Individual items must be $100 or greater. Total purchases must be $100 or greater
  • Terms - Deposit/Layaway begins after consultation or beginning of transaction. Final payment must be made on or before pickup, at the same store where layaway was initiated, if not the Deposit/Layaway account will be canceled. Excludes all wireless phones.
  • Cancellation - If the account is closed or canceled, items will be returned to inventory. Down payment and payments made will be refunded if within return policy time frame.The cancellation fee will not exceed $500
  • Returns - BellaNiecele Returns Policy applies to all layaway transactions

Pickup & Pay:

  • Location - Layaway may be initiated In store or on Afterpay. Look for signs at the entrance or see the Pickup Desk for details. Payments can be made at any register. Upon final payment, customers may be asked to pick up Layaway merchandise at a separate location such as the Garden Center


  • In stores & AfterPay only 
  • Available for Apparel, select Accessories & select shoes
  • Excludes all Services(ex alterations)